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The Ohio Bankers League and OBL BankServices work with valued business partners and affiliate members to provide resources to Ohio bankers across all areas of the institution. Check out the upcoming September complimentary LEAD webinar offerings - and be ready to LEAD, EDUCATE, ANALYZE and DISCUSS!

Redefining the Three Rs - Renovate, Remodel, Renew – Sept. 30 – 10 a.m.
Hosted by – Jim Caliendo, President & COO, PWCampbell

The Three R’s are important in both recycling and education, but now have become equally important in retail banking. With the onslaught of technology, changing customer needs and wants and a desire for downsizing retail space, there has never been a more prudent time to reimagine your retail branch network. But what if a complete overhaul or building new isn’t in the budget? There’s no need to be stuck with carpet from the 1970’s, outdated laminate, unsightly wall coverings or a retail space void of technological enhancements.  During this session, you will discover key concepts for successfully “designing on a dime’ to give your branch the modernization it needs in as little as two weeks with minimal impact on your budget. You’ll also gain an understanding of the most efficient way to build out a plan to incorporate the Three R’s for re-inspiring your retail space with minimal impact to your operation. Now is the time to implement change to ensure you can satisfy the wants and needs of today’s consumer and remain relevant to attract generations of tomorrow.

Target Audience – CEO, Operations, Marketing

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Connecting with Your Customers – Sept. 30 – 2 p.m.
Hosted by – Rick Wilson, Executive Vice President, Work24
Learn about obstacles your customers may encounter when trying to connect with their financial institution. Educate yourself on why it is more important than ever to make sure your communications are reaching your customers. Analyze the challenges that banks are facing to ensure customers are being taken care at the level the bank expect. Discuss solutions and opportunities for your bank to reach its customers in a meaningful and effective manner.
Target Audience – Executives, Operations, Marketing

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What’s New with Mobile Rewards – Sept. 30 – 3 p.m.
Hosted by – Dave Defazio, Partner, StrategyCorp 

With just 10% of community bank customers and 16% of credit union members earning checking account rewards, it’s time for you to engage your customers with the new benefits they’re demanding. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us for OBL’s LEAD Series called , “What’s New with Mobile Rewards?”

·            See how mobile rewards can fit into your retail checking product and lineup strategies.

·            Get a demo of everything the customizable BaZing mobile rewards app can do.

·            Take a sneak peek into our research lab and see what’s on deck for BaZing.

Tune in as Dave DeFazio dives into their latest market research, then goes under the hood to show you why StrategyCorps’ fully customizable BaZing app is the choice of more than two million customers at 300+ financial institutions across the country. 

Target Audience:  CFO, Marketing

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OnDemand Offerings!

Fake News vs. Facts about National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) – Recorded August 26
Craig Callahan, VP Business Development, FLOODPLAIN CONSULTANTS, INC.  

Floodplain Consultants, Inc. will clear up misconceptions about National Flood Insurance and review common myths, discuss real facts, and give banks the full story about this valuable protection.

Target Audience – CLO, Compliance


How to Prepare, Handle, and Recover from a Cybersecurity Incident Recorded August 26

Buzz Hillestad, SVP Information Security Consultant & Geritt Guillaume, Account Executive, SBS CYBERSECURITY, LLC

This vital presentation walks bankers through how to prepare for an incident, what to do during and incident, and how to recover from an incident through Digital Forensics.
Target Audience – CEO, COO, CRO, CISO, CFO, ISO, and IT Managers


Unique Solutions for High Quality Employee Retirement Plans - Recorded August 26
Mark Hogan, Cincinnati, Ohio Regional Director, PENTEGRA RETIREMENT SERVICES

OBL’s Endorsed Partner, Pentegra Retirement Services, is a leading provider of employee retirement plans to community banks and businesses nationwide. In Ohio, Pentegra is the provider of choice for OBL employee retirement plans, and more than 25 OBL member banks.  They have great references with an abundance of success stories from your peers based on their efforts with 401(k), Defined Benefit and ESOP plans; including banks that offer their own stock in their employee retirement plan. Find out how you can make the complex job of administering a high quality employee retirement plan for your Bank easier by adopting unique solutions that will save you time, reduce work, and minimize potential liability; at an extremely competitive price.  Fewer administrative burdens, greater efficiencies, improved outcomes, and peace of mind are even more important in today’s highly regulated, highly litigated and volatile environment.
Target Audience: President/CEO, CFO, COO, HR Directors, and Risk Managers.

Learn About Nationwide Pet Insurance - Recorded July 29
Hosted by – Sarah McLeod, Account Executive
The OBL is excited to partner with Nationwide to offer preferred pricing on Pet Insurance for OBL members. This informative webinar is designed to provide an overview of the insurance followed by a Q & A session. 
Audience - CEO, Marketing, HR

Leading the Fight Against Elder Abuse and Earning CRA Credit - Recorded July 29
Hosted by – Ron Brooks, VP- Midwest Region - CRA Partners
This presentation from an OBL Endorsed Business Partner shares in detail how your bank can lead the fight against elder abuse in your community and earn lending, investment and service test credit on your next CRA exam - all through our unique, turnkey program. 
Audience – CEO, C-suite, CRA / Compliance Officers

Connecting the Dots for Loan Protection Programs - Recorded July 29
Hosted by –Greg Janssen, Regional Sales Director - The Plateau Group
Have you thought about how you can help your customer…without having it cost you? In recent days, banks, out of concern for their customers’ financial well-being, are providing deferrals, modifications and even forbearance and write downs. All of these loan customer-centric events end up costing you resources and income. Have you ever wondered if there was something available that could help out a customer during dire straits and driving non-interest fee income at the same time? Well, the answer has been there all along and your OBL endorsed partner would like to tell you about it. 
Audience – Retail Leadership – CLO, COO, CEO

Promontory Interfinancial Network: Opportunities for Your Bank; Safety for Your Customers - Recorded June 24
Erich Buckenmaier, Regional Director
Discover how your bank can capitalize on customer flight to safety, as well as proactively manage liquidity with off-and-on balance sheet funding options. Designed for CEOs, the C-suite and treasury management staff

Jump Start Your Mortgage Business - Recorded June 2020
Promontory Mortgage Path
Discover how you can jump start your  mortgage business with digital delivery, agile staffing and improved efficiency. 


Plus, check back for a listing of available recorded programs by topic area. Please direct questions to OBL BankServices Products & Services Manager Brenda Arnold at 614-340-7620.