Career Tracks

Based on requests from members, the OBL Professional Development team is excited to share a member benefit, OBL Career TracksCareer Tracks were created to support the learning process for each of the roles outlined (Personal Banker, Universal Banker, Teller Supervisor, Consumer Lender, Branch Manager.)  Each track breaks down the educational process into rotations and provides a detailed listing of what should be covered, suggestions for external training and suggestions for activities the banker can participate in to enhance the learning experience. The tracks can be used as a high-level overview or as a detailed educational checklist to document a banker’s progress. In addition to the tracks themselves, Career Track Guidelines provide guidance on how the tracks can best be leveraged and should answer many questions the banker or educators may have.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to support professional development in this way. The OBL hopes its members can leverage these tools in their organization and looks forward to any feedback!