Ask Chris

For more information about OBL employee benefits programs, contact Chris Zeek.

The OBBT offers two dental plans through leading provider Delta Dental that can enhance your benefit package, either when combined with the medical plan or on a stand-alone basis. Both plans include a passive PPO network. The employees are not required to use network dentists in order to receive higher benefit levels. However, if a PPO provider is selected, the network guarantees the member will not be balance-billed for charges above the dentist’s contracted amount, which is often significantly less than the standard usual and customary fees charged by non-PPO providers.

Dental 1 is a comprehensive plan that offers coverage for preventive and diagnostic care, restorative services, major services, and orthodontia. Dental 2 is a lower cost option that provides coverage for preventive and diagnostic care and restorative services only. The OBBT will extend the banks the option to offer both plans side-by-side so that each employee can make the choice that better suits his or her family’s needs.

Active enrollees in the OBBT dental plans can access benefit information, view claims status and paid claim details as well as EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) online through Delta Dental, a secure, web-based personalized member portal. Members may also contact customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by using the email option, and expect to receive a response from a representative within 24-48 hours.