OBL Bank Counsel Division

The OBL Bank Counsel Division includes bank attorneys who work both as in-house and outside counsel. The Division assists the Ohio Bankers League draft legislation and evaluate litigation involving banks. It also works  closely with OBL legal and government relations staff throughout the year and serves as a peer group to discuss the latest developments in banking and commercial laws and regulations. OBL Bank Counsel Division Membership includes:


  • Participation in meetings with peers from across the state to discuss current legal and regulatory issues;
  • Enhanced bank counsel directory listing on OBL website (Coming soon);
  • Subscription to the OBL Legal & Regulatory Bulletin;
  • Subscription to the OBL Weekly Government Relations Update;
  • Subscription to the OBL Legislative Report;
  • Opportunity to submit articles for publication in OBL communications, including Bank Counsel Division Publications, and to speak at OBL events;
  • Priority registration to OBL Bank Counsel Division seminars, including the annual Bank Counsel Conference.
Photo by Alex Hand on Unsplash

In recent years, OBL has been expanding its visibility within the legal community regarding advocacy on legal issues affecting the industry and Ohio’s broader legal climate. Recognizing the impact that litigation and Ohio’s legal climate have on members, OBL has increased the focus on this area by taking a more active role in promoting a fair and competitive legal environment within the state and ensuring bank counsel throughout the state have the best information to better represent members.


Through the creation of the OBL’s Bank Counsel Division, staff are taking this one step further by bringing OBL’s three pillars of success, education, advocacy and communication to the industry’s legal community. Maintaining an active role with bank counsel and monitoring legal activity within the state will allow OBL to actively engage on legal issues through amicus curiae briefs and on legal reform issues.


If you have any questions regarding the OBL Bank Counsel Division or wish to join, please contact OBL VP of State Government Relations & General Counsel Don Boyd for more information.