Getting Started

To enroll your organization for OBL Regulatory University Training,
please follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your organization is an Ohio-based OBL member financial institution. If you are unsure, contact Julie Kiplinger at (614) 340-7612.
  2. Choose a "Primary Administrator" to begin the enrollment.

    The Role of the Primary Administrator

    • Registers the financial institution as a participant
    • Completes and signs the License Agreement
    • Authorizes other Administrators within the institution
    • Receives special training to assist other users (all Administrators)
    • Oversees and prints management reports (all Administrators)
  3. Sign up today or contact Julie Kiplinger at (614) 340-7612 for more details.
  4. Need to know if your financial institution already is enrolled? Contact Julie Kiplinger at (614) 340-7612.
  5. Returning users can go directly to Regulatory University.