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Ohio Financial Institution Associations Push for 1071 Resolution

The Ohio Bankers League, Community Bankers Association of Ohio, and the Ohio Credit Union League pushed the members of the Ohio Congressional Delegation to pass a resolution to stop the implementation of Section 1071 of Dodd Frank. 


Ohio Congressmen Rep. Brad Wenstrup and Rep. Bill Johnson Not to Seek Additional Term in Congress

Ohio will have two freshmen Congressional Delegates in the near future as both Rep. Brad Wenstrup (OH-1) and Rep. Bill Johnson (OH-6) will not seek reelection in 2024. 


Central Bank Digital Currency Bills Get First Hearing at the Statehouse

With the rise of Central Bank Digital Currency, several states across the nation, including Ohio, have introduced legislation that would exclude CBDCs from being treated as money. OBL shares similar concerns with bill sponsors, but with some distinction.


In 2024, Ohio to Launch Innovative Homebuyer Savings Account Linked Deposit Program, OBL and Treasurer Hosting Informational Webinar

In the Biennial Budget, the Ohio Legislature passed language creating the Homebuyer Savings Account Linked Deposit Program. OBL and its members have been working with the Treasurer’s office to understand the mechanics of the program to be ready for its 2024 rollout. Join an informational webinar on December 7th to learn more.


Ohio Overwhelmingly Votes to Legalize Adult Use Marijuana

The Statewide Ballot Issue 2 passed by approximately 57% last week legalizing recreational adult use cannabis. There is still a long road before the program will be fully operational. 


OBL Actively Advocating to Keep Government Out of Bank Boardrooms

This week, the Ohio House Financial Institutions Committee heard testimony on legislation purported to prohibit the use of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in the industry. However, this legislation goes far beyond the stated intent to subject every bank decision to scrutiny, politicization, and potential legal liability. OBL is actively engaged on the issue and explaining the problems this type of legislation could cause.


Fed Governor Michelle 'Miki' Bowman Goes on the Record at OBL's Main Event

Federal Reserve Board Governor, Miki Bowman addressed the crowd on the record at the OBL Main Event.  Click here to read the full transcript of her remarks. 


Fed's Bowman Expects Further Policy Tightening Will Be Needed in Statements at OBL Main Event

Federal Reserve Governor Michelle "Miki" Bowman state at the OBL event on Tuesday that the U.S. central bank will likely need to raise short-term interest rates again, though for now she is content to assess the data and what it implies for the future of the economy.


FHFA releases long awaited FHLB report

The Federal Housing Finance Agency yesterday issued its long-expected report on the comprehensive review of the Federal Home Loan Banks, culminating a process that began last year in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the FHLB system. 


Texas Court Expands 1071 Injunction to Cover All Banks

A Texas court last week expanded a preliminary injunction on enforcement of the CFPB’s Section 1071 small business data collection rule to include all financial institutions covered by the rule.