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CFO Forum
The OBL CFO Forum provides an opportunity for bankers to discuss important issues and dissect problems critical to their bank's financial health. The program is professionally led by Tom Hauck and Todd Togrul of FORVIS and encourages the free exchange of ideas and offers opportunities to formulate solutions to current problems. The program offers a rewarding experience for professional and personal growth and will translate positively to your bank's bottom line.
Commercial Lending Forum
The OBL Commercial Lending Forum builds strong peer networks by exchanging performance ideas and discussing the changing commercial lending environment. This forum offers an ongoing platform for developing peer networks and a strategic exchange of leadership, addressing current and developing lending opportunities and challenges. The program includes a rotation of industry speakers and panel discussions relating to commercial lending, risk management and the changing regulatory lending conditions.
HR Forum
The OBL HR Forum provides an outlet for bankers to discuss important issues, dissect problems and gain insights into best practices with banks from across the state. It's a fact. Employee turnover costs your company plenty, and losing one of your star workers can be staggering. And while it's easy to assume that your most capable workers are satisfied and loyal, these highly talented employees are in big demand … everywhere. That's why they require special attention and a different managerial approach than other employees. But in a cultural and legal environment that emphasizes consistency and fairness in managing employees, finding an effective, sustainable way to lead high performers is a challenge. The HR Forum sessions provide Open Forum Discussions, topical presentations and a quarterly Employment Law Update to help you through.
IT Forum
The OBL IT Forum returns to offer an ongoing platform for IT and cybersecurity professionals to discuss relevant topics, find solutions, and exchange ideas relating to IT and cybersecurity within their organizations. As in the past, agendas are built by attending members of the forum. The forum, facilitated by SBS CyberSecurity and Infotex, has been designed with insight from operations and technology leaders from the community banking industry to provide a mix of peer sharing and discussion with free exchange of ideas on issues that concern them most, as well as guided education and lectures from seasoned facilitators.
Marketing Forum
The OBL Marketing Forum offers an ongoing platform for marketing officers and staff to exchange ideas and seek solutions over a wide variety of timely topics and concepts. Members will gain knowledge and become more effective in their roles, as they learn from facilitator Amber Farley, EVP of Brand Development at FMS. FMS specializes in building brands and strategic marketing plans for community banks across the country. This forum has been designed by the OBL and FMS to encourage the exchange of ideas and provide opportunities for participants to learn from an industry expert and each other. The participants will network and form valuable professional relationships while expanding their marketing and leadership skills.
Mortgage Lending Forum
The OBL Mortgage Lending Forum builds strong peer networks by exchanging performance ideas and discussing the mortgage lending environment. This forum offers an ongoing platform for developing peer networks and strengthen job performance through idea exchange and presentations on current mortgage lending topics.
Senior Retail Forum
The OBL Senior Retail Banking Forum provides a platform and an opportunity for retail banking officers to exchange ideas freely and examine pressing issues in today’s ever-evolving regulatory, cost-conscience and result-driven environment. The agenda for each session is based on input from participants in the forum group and the facilitator. Also, as appropriate, experts will be involved, and present specific timely topics as requested by forum members.
Education & Trainers Forum
The virtual Education and Trainers Forum provides an opportunity for bank trainers to exchange ideas freely, brainstorm challenges and examine pressing issues in today's ever-evolving regulatory, cost-conscience and results-driven environment. The agenda is based on input from participants in the forum group as well as banking industry employee development key topics.
Midwest CEO Forum
The Midwest CEO Forum is a six-state regional program that provides instant access to a confidential, best-fit peer group that is sure to form lifelong connections. This forum is designed to curate an inner group of high-performing CEOs and senior executives from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin representing financial institutions from $750MM - $10B in assets to discuss industry best practices, issues and challenges. Together, members will tackle challenges; gain a fresh outside perspective; reshape ideas for better results; create a consensus among your peers; develop new strategies for future growth; and reignite your leadership passion.

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