ABA Courses

ABA Training is a comprehensive source for training and education available through the American Bankers Association or previously through the American Institute of Banking. All courses, certificates, diplomas and more are now part of ABA Training, and are brought to you through the OBL, your Local ABA Training Provider.

ABA Training includes extensive learning opportunities suited to specific job roles, in both facilitated and self-paced online formats, as well as in person. Online training delivers unmatched content that meets the needs of today’s learners and the changing demographics of the banking industry. Many courses meet the requirements of the Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB) for exams or continuing education credits.

Flexible and cost-effective, ABA’s online training opportunities are continually updated to provide a superior learning experience that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

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ABA Self-Paced eLearning

The OBL now offers a library of more than 100 self-paced training courses in a variety of topics ranging from basic banking knowledge to management skills. The self-paced online course library delivers cost-effective banking, business, and trust courses that develop skills and concepts that can be immediately applied on the job.

Students can access the courses anytime, anywhere. Courses can typically be completed in two to four hours and include integrated exercises and study aids to keep students engaged.

The courses provide enhanced training support with tools like the unique, role-based training roadmaps that guide users through a proven training path; blended learning extensions that enable immediate facilitated practice and application of learning in a classroom environment; and world-class implementation support that ensures the success of individual training programs.

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Instructor-Led Online Training

The OBL now offers more than instructor-led online courses, through our partnership with the American Bankers Association. These include classics from the former American Institute of Banking curriculum as well as courses to prepare for Certification through the Institute of Certificated Bankers. Titles cover diverse banking topics ranging from banking fundamentals to retail bank management, bank financial management trust basics, and lending to marketing. These programs are available as stand-alone courses to meet immediate needs and can also serve as building blocks to ABA Diplomas and Certificates.

Course Highlights:

  • Authoritative textbooks and readings provide in-depth coverage of the subject matter
  • Peer interaction in our Learning Community maximizes your learning experience through collaborative online exercises
  • Experienced online instructors with banking expertise provide feedback on assignments and industry context
  • Exercises and exams test your learning
  • Convenient weekly schedule with no need to be online at a certain date or time
  • ABA, ICB and ACE credits earned may be used toward ABA Diplomas and Certificates or a variety of continuing education and post-certification requirements. Check individual course descriptions for specific credits and qualified uses.

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Need Assistance?

For more information on either the Self-paced Learning programs or the Instructor-Led Online Training, contact OBL Education guru Julie Kiplinger at (614) 340-7612.