McKissock Learning Banking Suite

In the ever-changing regulatory landscape, banking and lending professionals assessing real estate value need an extra edge to mitigate risk, stay compliant, create efficiencies, and improve bank audit scores.  McKissock Learning partnered with the Ohio Bankers League to offer online courses on valuation for banking and lending professionals.  The new Banking Suite courses were created from a deep understanding of real estate appraisal and the valuation industry.  The flexible online delivery format makes it easier than ever to grow your knowledge and learn new skills.


The McKissock Learning Banking Suite offers three courses on the topics that you need most:

1.           Evaluating a Report for USPAP Compliance, developed in partnership with The Appraisal Foundation

2.           The Mechanics of Appraisal Review: Single Family Residential

3.            Best Practices for an Appraisal Review Operation  

4.            Selecting the Right Valuation Services


For more information or to enroll in courses today, visit the McKissock website.

The SBS Institute serves community banks by providing educational programs that will certify a banker has the knowledge and skills to protect against today's information security threats. The certification programs offered by the institute are uniquely designed to address community banking needs, using community banking problems and solutions. Properly trained banking professionals will improve the security around customer data and other sensitive information entrusted to them. The certification communicates to management, the board, stakeholders, and examiners, that a professional can perform the necessary functions to manage and reduce risk to the bank.

Available Programs

 Contact Julie Kiplinger at 614-340-7612 for more information.

The OBL also provides online seminars via a partnership with the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Plese note programs are available live and on demand. Check out this upcoming list of programs:


Upcoming Programs (listed in start date order):

For additional information— including detailed seminar descriptions and presenter bios— and to register online, please visit  http://gsb.virtualvenues.com/store

Basic Estate Planning and Estate Settlement
Presented by: Jim Lethert, November 12

Problem Loan Workout in Today's Market
Presented by: David Osburn, December 17

Reward and Recognition Strategies
Presented by: Patrice McGuire, November 1

Assisting Managers with Conflict Resolution
Presented by: Ann Knutson, November 12

Interviewing Skills for Better Hires
Presented by: Patrice McGuire, November 15

Predicting Future Job Performance through Behavioral Based Interviews
Presented by: Ann Knutson, November 26

Negotiation Skills for the HR Professional
Presented by: Ann Knutson, December 12

Loan Committee Presentation Skill Training
Presented by: David Osburn, November 5

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
Presented by: David Osburn, November 19

Advanced Cash Flow Analysis
Presented by: David Osburn, November 26

Advanced Tax Return Analysis
Presented by: David Osburn, November 26

Commercial and Industrial Lending in Today's Competitive Market
Presented by: David Osburn, December 3

Commercial Real Estate Lending in Today's Economy
Presented by: David Osburn, December 10

Loan Documentation for Commercial Real Estate Lending Transacations
Presented by: David Osburn, December 17

Top Strategies for Community Banks in 2020
Presented by: Philip Smith, November 5

Developing an Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment
Presented by: Marcia Malzahn, November 5

Community Bank Mergers and Acquisitions Simplified
Presented by: Greyson Tuck, November 12

Quarterbacking Retail Deposits - Withdrawal-Only Deposit Accounts
Presented by: Neil Stanley, November 14

Three Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program - ERM, IT, and Internal Controls
Presented by: Marcia Malzahn, December 3

Preparing for the First Call on a Prospect
Presented by: Ned Miller, November 4

How to Build an Employee Referral Program That Works
Presented by: Tom Hershberger, November 7

Recipe for an Effective Sales Environment
Presented by: Tom Hershberger, November 7

Coaching Prospecting - How to Boost Your Team's Prospecting Results
Presented by: Ned Miller, December 3

Vendor Management Process Improvements
Presented by: Cody Delzer, November 8

Business Continuity Plan Development
Presented by: Cole Ponto, December 13