Video Vault

Focused Results is a national sales and service company for banks, delivering its programs virtually for clients and state associations in 32 states across the U.S. Our principals offer over 60 years of sales process expertise in the financial services industry.

What is Banker’s Video Vault?

Banker’s Video Vault is a subscription service that enhances any training initiative by giving banks access to a multitude of training videos. It is great for group or individual training courses.

New Client Follow Up Your Social Media Image Benefits Clients Seek
Referring the Client Contact with Existing Client The Bored Board
Soliciting Client Feedback Your Image at Work Present the Product
Get Them Talking! The Dream Builder The Promise Keeper
Life Cycle Events Product Knowledge Challenge Client Self Service
Recognizing Buying Signals Handling Difficult People Demonstrating Electronic Products to Clients
Respecting the Client Referring the Client

Product Overview & Benefits

The Video Vault for Frontline Branch Professionals (Video Vault) is designed to support the Branch Manager in training their staff. With the worker shortage and thin staffing in branches, training is a responsibility that Branch Managers find extremely difficult to fit in. That’s where we come in!

We have taken sections from our Frontline Branch Series virtual training that result in fast business development. We created short bursts of video training supported with a worksheet. Video Vault is extremely flexible to meet the emerging needs of the branch team:

  • Videos can be viewed in any order
  • They can be watched by the individual at their computer
  • They can be used by the Branch Manager in a team setting for reinforcement and skills development

Focused Results will be adding new videos to the Video Vault based on client feedback. This product is a reflection of the fast-moving world that frontline branch professionals find themselves in!

The price is budget-conscious when considering that every branch professional can access the Video Vault anytime throughout the year! We look forward to working with your team on their journey to grow as professionals at the branch!

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