The Ohio Bankers League partners with the following organizations to offer relevant programs across all areas of the bank. 

Graduate School of Banking Online Seminars

The OBL provides online seminars via a partnership with the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Please note programs are available live and on demand. Check out this upcoming list of upcoming programs, or for additional information— including detailed seminar descriptions and presenter bios— and to register online, please visit http://gsb.virtualvenues.com/store.


The Nuts & Bolts of Asset/Liability Management with Dave Koch, June 24 

Funding Strategy in Today's Market with Dave Koch, July 8 

Core Deposits - Impact on ALCO Measures & Funding Plans with Dave Koch, August 5 


Leading More Successful Projects with Shawn Belling, June 4 & 11

Project Management: Prioritize for Success with Shawn Belling, June 18

Banking the Independent Business with Steve LeFever, June 25

Accounting Basics/Refresher for Bankers with David Osburn, July 7


Interviewing Skills for Better Hires with Patrice McGuire, July 10

Employment Law Update with Patty Wise, July 21, 28 & August 4

Emotional Intelligence  with Ann Knutson, July 22

Negotiations 101 with Nan Gesche, July 23

How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable with Nan Gesche, August 4

Managing Generations in Today's Workplace with Patrice McGuire, August 7


CARES Act Legislative Update with Ascensus, May 21


Problem Loan Workout in Today's Market with David Osburn, May 19

Commercial and Industrial Lending in Today's Competitive Market with David Osburn, May 19

Advanced Tax Return Analysis with David Osburn, May 20

SBA Loans - How to Save Your Customers AND Your Bank's Capital with Mike Wear & Suzanne Stearman, May 27

Commercial Real Estate Lending: Issues in Underwriting Construction Loans and Determining Key Risks with Richard Hamm, June 2

Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Developing and Analyzing a Statement of Cash Flows with Richard Hamm, June 2

Commercial Lending: Introduction to Global Cash Flow, Regulatory Issues, Formats, Schedule K-1s and the Schedule E Dilemma with Richard Hamm, June 2

Commercial Real Estate Lending: Administering and Monitoring Commercial Construction Loans with Richard Hamm, June 9

Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Developing and Analyzing the Uniform Credit Analysis (UCA) Model with Richard Hamm, June 9

Commercial Lending: Global Cash Flow Mechanics and Calculations, Including Personal Taxes and Living Expenses with Richard Hamm, June 9

Introduction to Consumer Lending with David Osburn, June 15

Consumer Lending: Administering & Monitoring Residential Construction Loans with Richard Hamm, June 16

Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: How the Working Capital Cycle, Equipment Purchases and Other Factors Affect Cash Flow with Richard Hamm, June 16

Commercial Lending: Moving from Global Cash Flow to Global Analysis of Business Holdings and Contingent Liabilities, Including Commercial Real Estatewith Richard Hamm, June 16

Introduction to Commercial Lending with David Osburn, June 19

Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Financial Statement Components, Structures and Levels of Account Involvement with Richard Hamm, July 2

Commercial Lending: Loan Structuring Basics, Including Terminology and Four Key Factors with Richard Hamm, July 2

Consumer Lending: Analyzing Personal Financial Statements and Loan Applications plus Key Ratios with Richard Hamm, July 2

Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Cash vs. Accrual Accounting Refresher with Richard Hamm, July 9

Commercial Lending: Best Practices for Structuring and Underwriting Lines of Credit, Bridge Loans, Term Loans and Seasonal Credits with Richard Hamm, July 9

Consumer Lending: Overview of Credit History, Role of Collateral and Other Factors with Richard Hamm, July 9

The Landscape of Agriculture Today and Tomorrow with Mike Boehlje, July 14 & 16

Managing TDRs Start to Finish: Initial Identification to Rewriting to Non-TDR Status with Aaron Lewis, July 15

Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Creating a Business Tax Return and Comparing/Mapping to a Conventional Financial Statement with Richard Hamm, July 16

Commercial Lending: Loan Agreements and Covenants with Richard Hamm, July 16

Consumer Lending: Overview of Residential Mortgages and Home Equity Lending with Richard Hamm, July 16

Key Ratio Analysis: Calculating and Interpreting the Numbers Correctly with David Osburn, July 22

Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Developing and Analyzing Key Ratios with Richard Hamm, July 23

Commercial Lending: Five Keys to Better Credit Memos and Loan Packages with Richard Hamm, July 23

Commercial Lending: Three Steps to Improving Loan Pricing and Profitability with Richard Hamm, July 23

Problem Loan Identification and Resolution with Mike Davis, July 28 & 29

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Overview of Evaluations, Validations of Existing Appraisals and Third Party Review with Richard Hamm, August 4

Personal Tax Returns and Cash Flow: Focus on the Individual, Sole Proprietorships, Rental Property and Farms with Richard Hamm, August 4

Loan Documentation: Roles and Functions of Key Commercial Documents PRIOR to Closing with Richard Hamm, August 4

The Evolution of Data Science and Its Impacts on Consumer Lending with Jennifer Priestly, August 5

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Approaches to Value De-Mystified with Richard Hamm, August 11

Personal Tax Returns and Cash Flow: Focus on Business Owners and/or Self-Employed with Pass-Through Income from Schedule K-1s with Richard Hamm, August 11

Loan Documentation: Understanding the Roles and Functions of Key Commercial Documents At Closing with Richard Hamm, August 11

Lending to Churches and Non-profits with Aaron Lewis, August 12

Growing Your Bank – The Real Life Implications of the Regulatory Compensation Rules with Bill Elliott, August 17

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Key Appraisal Components Beyond the Approaches to Value with Richard Hamm, August 18

Avanced Personal and Global Cash Flow Issues: Capital Gains, Recurring/Non-Recurring Items, Loss Carryforwards and Others with Richard Hamm, August 18

Commercial Real Estate Lending: Cap Rates & Factors Beyond Debt Cover and Loan To Value with Richard Hamm, August 18

Successor in Interest – Protection that Most Banks Ignore with Bill Elliott, August 24


Community Bank Capital Raising Simplified with Greyson Tuck, May 19

Innovating to Meet Customer Needs in a Post-Pandemic World with JP Nicols, July 22 & 23

Leadership & Negotiation Skills for the Workplace with Marci Malzahn, August 13


Marketing Strategy Post Pandemic:  The New Normal with Jay Coakley, June 24

Brand Strategy:  The Key to Higher Margins with Jay Coakley, August 12


Retail Strategy by the Numbers with Jay Coakley, July 15

Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers: LinkedIn Myths, Mistakes and Milestones with Jack Hubbard, July 16

Manage Your Core Assets: Teams with Tom Hershberger, July 16

Customer Experience Management - Lead It Or Lose It with Tom Hershberger, July 23

Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers: Establish Your Professional Brand with Brynne Tilman, July 23

Manage Your Core Assets: Relationships with Tom Hershberger, July 23

Manage Your Core Assets: Brand with Tom Hershberger, July 28

Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers: Connection Strategies with Brynne Tilman, July 30

Every Employee is Responsible for Customer Growth with Tom Hershberger, August 16

Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers: Prospecting and Building Relationships with Brynne Tilman, August 6

Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers: Engage with Insights with Brynne Tilman, August 13

Using Sales Navigator: The World's Best Prospecting Tool with Brynne Tilman, August 20


The FFIEC Cloud Computing Security Joint Statement: What Do You Need to Know? with Jon Waldman, June 4

The Evolution of Ransomware with Shane Daniel, June 19

Cyber Incident Response Best Practices with Buzz Hillestad, July 17

SBS Institute

The SBS Institute serves community banks by providing educational programs that will certify a banker has the knowledge and skills to protect against today's information security threats. The certification programs offered by the institute are uniquely designed to address community banking needs, using community banking problems and solutions. Properly trained banking professionals will improve the security around customer data and other sensitive information entrusted to them. The certification communicates to management, the board, stakeholders, and examiners, that a professional can perform the necessary functions to manage and reduce risk to the bank.

Available Certifications

 Contact Julie Kiplinger at 614-340-7612 for more information.

McKissock Learning Banking Suite

In the ever-changing regulatory landscape, banking and lending professionals assessing real estate value need an extra edge to mitigate risk, stay compliant, create efficiencies, and improve bank audit scores. McKissock Learning partnered with the Ohio Bankers League to offer online courses on valuation for banking and lending professionals.  The new Banking Suite courses were created from a deep understanding of real estate appraisal and the valuation industry.  The flexible online delivery format makes it easier than ever to grow your knowledge and learn new skills.


The McKissock Learning Banking Suite offers three courses on the topics that you need most:

1.           Evaluating a Report for USPAP Compliance, developed in partnership with The Appraisal Foundation

2.           The Mechanics of Appraisal Review: Single Family Residential

3.            Best Practices for an Appraisal Review Operation  

4.            Selecting the Right Valuation Services


For more information or to enroll in courses today, visit the McKissock website.


Breaking into Banking 101

Breaking Into Banking 101This 10-module online course focuses on the fundamentals of commercial banking. Focusing on the reality of the banking world over textbook portrayals of the business, this course will equip bankers with key concepts and banking terminology and demonstrate how it all fits together. The 101 course is appropriate for newer credit analysts, lenders, portfolio managers, statement spreaders, loan operations associates, interns, and anyone whose job relates to commercial credit and lending. 

Contact Julie Kiplinger at 614-340-7612 with questions.