OBL Communications Team

The OBL fields a team of experienced communications professionals as both a member and media resource. Feel free to contact OBL spokesman James Thurston with interview requests, banking questions, data requests or for more information about the OBL.

James Thurston, Vice President of Public Relations
Tel. 614-340-7621

Recent Media Coverage

  •  "Our members are in an untenable position... There are businesses that want banking services, but we can't legally provide banking services to those businesses... He said doing so would violate a laundry list of federal laws, including the Controlled Substances Act, the Bank Secrecy Act, the Patriot Act and RICO, the law against organized crime."
    - OBL Spokesman James Thurston on the challenges of banking marijuana-related businesses, Fox News

  • " While we do have a lot of strong, well capitalized, increasingly diversified banks, the regulatory environment does not make it easy."
    - OBL Spokesman James Thurston on increased regulatory burdens, Columbus Dispatch

  • "Banks invest heavily these days in not just sophisticated alarm systems, but things like bait money and dye packs and surveillance systems, both to help catch robbers and to help deter them in the first place."
    - OBL Spokesman James Thurston on bank robbery mitigation measures, Canton Repository

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