Cannabis Banking Bill Saga Continues

The US House plans to pass 15 separate fiscal year 2025 spending bills instead of the typical massive federal budget bill. As those 15 different bills work their way through the committee process, they are subject to attempts to amend both pro and anti-banking pieces of legislation into them. The House Appropriations Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) Subcommittee, which Ohio Congressman Dave Joyce is the chairman of the subcommittee, posted its 2025 fiscal year spending measure on Tuesday, includes the SAFER Banking Act as a part of the spending bill. Attaching SAFER to the spending bill is a great way to attempt to fast track it into law, but the OBL will have to be vigilant to keep it in the bill while keeping out other harmful provisions. Senators Durbin (D-IL) and Marshall (R-KS) have already stated publicly they will attempt to attach the harmful Durbin Amendment expansion bill, the Credit Card Competition Act (CCCA), to any spending bill that moves through the Senate. These spending bills have a long way to go before becoming law, but the OBL will work tirelessly to advocate the SAFER Banking remains in the bill and the CCCA does not.