August 2022 Primary Election Results are in!


As many expected, Ohio’s first ever August primary election had a significant drop in voter turnout. According to the unofficial voter turnout tally from the Secretary of State’s office, only 7.93% of eligible voters came to vote in this August primary, with early voting numbers seeing a drop with 42% fewer voters casting ballots as compared to the lead into the May 3 primary.

However, even with the low turnout numbers, the primary elections went on and the results are in. Many candidates did not face a challenger in their primary but for those who did, in many cases it came down to a matter of single digits.

As of Wednesday morning, there are a few races that are still very close. In the race for State Representative for District 3, which covers the northwest Columbus area, the two candidates leading the primary are Kelly Harrop and Ismail Mohamed with a total of 37 votes separating the two. Of the 5,678 votes cast in that district for the Democrat nominee, this means that a 0.65% difference between Harrop and Mohamed. While these numbers are still part of the unofficial vote count, OBL will be watching for the official vote count to be announced.

While many incumbents in the House were successful in defeating their primary challengers, there were a small number of incumbents who were not. Among those who were ousted include incumbent Monique Smith (D-North Olmstead) who faced another incumbent Bride Rose Sweeney (D-Cleveland). The two representatives faced off in the 16th district that was reformed during the redistricting process. Ultimately the race ended in a victory for Sweeney who will face Republican Michael Lamb in November.

Other incumbents who faced challengers and were ultimately ousted include Shawn Stevens (R-Sunbury) and Mark Fraizer (R-Newark).

For live results of the primary, visit the Ohio Secretary of State’s website here.