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The Next Generation of Leadership

The Ohio Bankers League Leadership Division (OBLLD) is an initiative established by the Ohio Bankers League’s (OBL) Next Generation Advisory Board (NGAB) to help nurture the professional development of Ohio’s promising young bankers and help groom the industry’s next generation of leaders. The OBLLD will provide the next generation of bankers their own community to engage.  It is a platform for career-long relationships while collaborating for the greater good of the Ohio banking industry.

The OBLLD also provides a variety of educational opportunities for its members, promotes community awareness of the banking industry, and promotes careers in banking.  You must be an employee of an OBL member bank to join.


Mission Statement

Developing passionate bankers into industry leaders.



  • DEVELOP. As an emerging bank leader program, OBLLD will work to develop professional skills in order to grow and help bankers progress within their careers in the banking industry. Members participate in the Next Gen Conference, the OBL Annual Meeting, as well as an opportunity to attend OBL District Dialogue Meetings across the state. The Next Gen Conference gives emerging bank leaders the opportunity to share ideas with their peers, gain valuable career insight from C-level bankers and learn from industry speakers. Sessions and speakers are chosen directly from input from the Next Generation Advisory Board.
  • CONNECT. As an emerging bank leader program, OBLLD will connect bank professionals from across the state. In addition to furthering bankers’ leadership and increased career development, being a member of the OBLLD is a great opportunity to meet other bankers and build relationships within the industry. There are many networking opportunities for the members of the OBLLD. Attending OBL programs or government relations events will provide even more opportunities to meet and connect with other emerging bank leaders.
  • ENGAGE. As “next gen bankers,” OBLLD members will engage with others in the industry, policymakers and their communities. Helping improve the financial literacy of Ohio’s youth and advocacy efforts at the Statehouse are major focuses of the Ohio Bankers Foundation and the entire banking industry. Members of the OBLLD will receive information on OBL financial literacy efforts and be encouraged to participate in events like the OBL DC Fly-In and the OBL Day at the Capitol. At those events, OBLLD members work to positively influence the legislative landscape in support of industry initiatives. Members of the OBLLD will also receive information on State Legislative District Meetings.

The success of the OBLLD can be measured through the many leaders in the banking industry, local communities across the state, and the association itself who are beneficiaries of these efforts. 

Chair: Matt Miller, Executive Vice President, Park National Bank

Vice Chairman: Brendon Matthews, Executive Vice President/Senior Lender, First National Bank of Pandora

The Leadership Division is split into six districts:
District 1: Northwest Ohio 
District 2: Northeast/North Central Ohio 
District 3: Central Ohio
District 4: Eastern Ohio (Appalachia)
District 5: Southwestern Ohio
District 6: South Central Ohio (Western Appalachia)
Each district has its own director:
District 1: Brendon Matthews, First National Bank of Pandora
District 2: Robert Standardi, Portage Community Bank
District 3: Sally Heckman, First Federal Savings and Loan Assoc.
District 4: Matthew Hartzler, Wayne Savings Bank
District 5: Jenny Giltrow, LCNB National Bank
District 6: Chad Wilson, First State Bank

Each district holds two events over the course of each year. The purpose is to get members together more often and make attendance easier since these events are closer to home. The events include District Dialogue Meetings to discuss current banking practices and entertainment-based events to provide an outlet for bankers to engage with one another.  Other regional meetings are set up by the NGAB and could include OBLLD roundtable discussions.

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The OBL is looking for a wide variety of people to join the OBLLD – from career-long bankers to those new to the industry. The group is open to any employee of any OBL member bank with an interest in connecting, engaging, and developing their careers. The questions below will help you to determine if the OBLLD is a good fit for you.

  • Are you committed to a banking career? 
  • Are you interested in leadership and career development? 
  • Are you interested in becoming more involved in Ohio’s banking industry? 
  • Are you interested in networking with other bankers in Ohio? 
  • Are you interested in working to increase financial literacy among Ohio’s youth? 
  • Are you interested in becoming more involved in political grassroots efforts in Columbus, OH and in Washington, DC on behalf of the banking industry?

If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions, please contact the OBL the OBL to sign up.