Getting Started

To enroll your organization for OBL Regulatory University Training,
please follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your organization is an Ohio-based OBL member financial institution. If you are unsure, contact Julie Kiplinger at (614) 340-7612.
  2. Choose a "Primary Administrator" to begin the enrollment.

    The Role of the Primary Administrator

    • Registers the financial institution as a participant
    • Completes and signs the License Agreement
    • Authorizes other Administrators within the institution
    • Receives special training to assist other users (all Administrators)
    • Oversees and prints management reports (all Administrators)
  3. Complete this quick and simple online enrollment form. The license agreement can also be downloaded for viewing purposes here.
  4. Need to know if your financial institution already is enrolled? Contact Julie Kiplinger at (614) 340-7612.
  5. Returning users can go directly to Regulatory University.