OBL Hosts No-cost Pot Banking Sessions for Members


Since medical marijuana became legal in Ohio, banking so-called marijuana related businesses has been front of mind for OBL members. While Congress has bills under discussion to deal with at least some of the issues, bankers find themselves “stuck” in between state and federal laws regarding marijuana.


The OBL is offering two companion webinars on this topic -- complimentary to members -- that will cover the wide range of issues surrounding the decision to bank MRBs. Prior to each program, participants will be solicited regarding questions that they would like to see addressed during each session.


"We are offering these webinars on a no-cost basis for OBL members due to the level of interest in banking MRBs and the amount of uncertainty surrounding what is an increasingly fluid tiopic," said OBL event expert Julie Kiplinger.


Session one, focusing on the decision making process to bank MRBS, is scheduled for Aug. 17. Session two, covering how to bank MRBs, is scheduled for Sept. 14. Find out more.