Business Financial Statements: New Session Scheduled!


 The OBL has scheduled a new session with leading banking educator Jeff Judy to give bankers the inside track on Understanding Financial Statements.  

Assessing creditworthiness of a borrower is about information. Each borrower will have opportunities and obstacles to repayment of the loan. Bankers need to use the information available to identify those potential issues. One of the primary sources will be the financial statement of the borrower's business.

This workshop will look at the issues of preparation of financial statements by the borrower, the role of accountants, the calculation of ratios, and the use of financial statements in the credit decision process.

The session is scheduled for Nov. 28 at OBL HQ. Sign up today!

Judy is also at OBL HQ for the OBL School of Commercial Credit Essentials on Nov. 29-31.