OBL BankServices Endorses Design-Build Firm


OBL BankServices has named 107 year old design/build firm PW Campbell as an endorsed partner for design/build, branding and merchandising and branch transformation services.

“PWCampbell is committed to providing the financial community with creative design/build solutions and superior customer service. We take our professional affiliations seriously and see the relationship as an effective way to utilize our expertise and experience to play a supportive role to the banks located in the Ohio region which will include a direct member discount,” stated Jim Caliendo, PWCampbell president and COO.

“While we have worked with quite a few banks within the Ohio area, we are looking forward to the opportunity to expand our client base. We are eager to put our years of experience, knowledge and dedication to work in helping the Ohio banking community meet the varied needs and demands of their customer base through innovative designs, enhanced technology and unique customer-centric branch transformations,” added Caliendo.

For more information about PWCampbell, please visit www.pwcampbell.com or call 1.800.253.7430.