125th Anniversary Celebrated at OBL Annual Meeting


More than 400 OBL members and their guests celebrated the OBL's 125th Anniversary at the association's Annual Meeting in Columbus yesterday.

"The OBL is celebrating 125 years of representing the banking industry in Ohio," commented LCNB CEO Steve Foster (pictured) after being elected 2017 OBL chairman. "It is testimony to the organization and the great services it provides our industry that it has reached this milestone of 125 years helping us to be better bankers."

OBL President and CEO Mike Adelman referenced the OBL's first meeting, which took place in 1891 in Columbus. "We take our mission as seriously today as those bankers did then," said Adelman. "What started as 125 men back in 1891, has grown into more than 130,000 men and women who work tirelessly each day to promote a healthy economy in Ohio."

Keynote speaker Charlie Cook gave attendees a riveting insider's look at next week's presidential election and emphasized the importance of industry representation. "You have a good team at the OBL here in Columbus," said Cook. "But it makes them more effective when you get involved in grassroots and participate in your PAC. That's really important."

Cook added that he expected Ohio Gov. John Kasich to run again in the 2020 presidential election, but the political climate may not have changed enough to allow a perceived moderate to prevail in the GOP primaries.

View a photostream of the event. View a tagboard of the OBL's special 125th anniversary hashtag, #OBL125.